Sunday, July 19, 2009

Portrait of the Photographer

Originally, I started taking pictures because as long as I was holding the camera, no one could take a picture of me. Fortunately, as I grew out of the self-anxious stage of life (yes, I do think I have matured over the years;) I am not so picture-fobic anymore. So here come few pictures of me. Perhaps not the best ones, nor specially artistic, just something about me and what I've been doing during the past year...

Fall... I've been going for walks more then I used to. Just to get some fresh air, admire nature, enjoy the peacefulness. Usually alone so here's a self-portrait.

Winter... Has been cold but sunny at times. Here's one from a very nice shooting session with someone more talented (picture by A.T.G.)

Spring... Mostly busy taking pictures of one cute little person. But there's me in him too ;) Can you see me?

Summer... On the beach. Just for a half hour while waiting for a ferry, but I did go to the water despite the location in the far north (ankel deep, freezing cold).

And I do realize the dates don't make any sense now but that's just 'cause I started writing this two months ago but didn't have all the pics uploaded at that point and then never got back to it until now... Sorry :)