Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess where I've been this summer... I

I will not attempt to post longish descriptions of the past months, just few pictures which I find either interesting or nice or something like that...

The first place to picture-visit is Pisa where we had a day layover on our way somewhere else. This very brief visit left me with an impression of a small sleepy town with a single attraction and the strongest coffee I have ever had.

First stop - Piazza Miracoli and The Tower which really is leaning a lot and seems to be broken around the middle.

Due to lack of time there were no other real stops, just a short walk around the place. This bridge connects the zone of locals (everything closed on Sunday) and the zone of tourists (street sellers and other annoyances).

Wall of an outdoor theater with a beautiful garden we didn't have time to check out from the inside.

Door that hasn't been opened or a while. (Click on the picture, you can't see cr*p in this size.)

And a bonus which my little (professional) deformation will not allow me to forget... Sign outside of the window of our room. If it wasn't for the fragile-looking wannabe balcony which made the meaning pretty obvious, I wouldn't be able to guess what they meant... Well, let's just all remember the good old "Italian man went to Malta" thingy.