Sunday, October 4, 2009

That's October for You, Baby!

Today I woke up into a different season. Yes, it was snowing most of the night and morning! As the locals say, there's often three to four seasons within one day over here. You can see for yourself...
Then I went for a walk to see more and it was kind of funny how the very much fally world was caught up in the snow. Multi-colored trees in white. Green grass in white. And people changing tires on their cars in order to get out of the driveway:)Of course this post is much less surprising now, when you got snow over there yourselves but believe you me, it was quite a shock to be snowed under within the first week of October. And the snow stayed on for almost two weeks - with frost and hail and more snow almost every day! Now it's all over and we only have rain and clouds and more rain... So the world is back to normal I guess:)

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Marianna Dodeková said...

jeej, aj ja by som prijala sneh :-)